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Be the first facility in your market to provide the unique, patented, Triletics CardioBands experience and give your facility a competitive edge!
Triletics CardioBands double the efficiency of every workout at your gym or fitness center. CardioBands easily attach to stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, weight benches, and even your waist to add a safe and flexible upper body resistance component to any cardio routine! Compared to their current exercise routines, your guests save time and burn more calories safely and easily while enjoying cardio, muscle building, and toning benefits.

You’ve seen members take dumbbells on machines to integrate upper body exercise with their cardio workout. Triletics CardioBands eliminate this dangerous practice while providing much more flexible resistance opportunities. Some aerobics classes use dumbbells and other weighted devices. You are aware of the potential injury, damage and liability these practices cause. You've also seen extremely expensive new machines which attempt to integrate aerobic and weight training, but are severely limited in what they can provide your customers. Our low priced products attach to all aerobic machines, as well as weight benches, body parts, and anywhere there is a post, and provide up to seven different levels of resistance, adjustable during the exercise, which allow the integration of upper body resistance with any aerobic exercise, with a minimum of cost, risk, less weight and much more flexibility.
If you integrate Triletics CardioBands into your product mix, your gyms will be able to provide workouts that others cannot, giving busy people the chance to do "twice the workout in half the time!"

CardioBands utilized in a Treadmill class:

CardioBands utilized in a Spin Cycle Class:

Personal Trainers Need Triletics

Enhance Your Personal Training Business with Triletics

Give your clients a more effective, challenging workout, in less time by combining cardio with resistance strength training.
Super-Charge Your Clients Workouts

Ordinary cardio routines become extraordinary fitness experiences when you add Triletics CardioBands to your training program.

• Provide clients with a full-body workout
• Train more clients in less time, increasing revenue
• Boost client retention and referrals, and attract new clients